61. New Feature - Reward 2020.07.23 02:12:23

New Feature - Reward

A new feature is added at July 23rd, 2020.

Now, within Moaform, you can purchase and send mobile coupons to your respondents as a reward for responding to your survey.

You don’t have to run surveys in one service and send mobile coupons to your respondents in another service separately. You can do both in Moaform. You now can manage which coupons were sent to which respondents in which surveys, by sending mobile coupons within Moaform.

The most common usage is as follows.

  1. When creating a form, add a question asking a mobile phone number as a text answer question. (You can send mobile coupons to the mobile phone number.)
  2. Collect responses.
  3. When you have finished collecting responses, go to the ‘Reward’ page, select the prizes and the winners to receive the prizes.
  4. Upon payment, a mobile coupon will be sent to the winners immediately.


Currently, 5 Starbucks coffees and 6 Culture Land mobile vouchers are available. These mobile coupons can only be used at designated locations in Korea. Detailed information on where to use can be found in the detailed information of each product.


Now, create forms, collect responses, and send rewards all within Moaform!