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Moaform is using AWS (Amazon Web Service), the largest cloud platform in the world, and all data is transferred securely. We respond to changes in demand by automating server management, which minimizes the risk of disruptions in answering questions even if the number of response suddenly increases. We also regularly backup response data to prevent data loss.

Since the data collected by Moaform is recognized as the property of the creator of the survey, Moaform does not arbitrarily modify, delete, utilize, or provide it to a third party. If the user deletes the data, the data is immediately deleted in an unrecoverable way.

Use with confidence.

Create with AI

ChatGPT-based AI creates a form for you.

Just tell us what kind of form you want to create, and we'll provide you with the necessary questions. For example, "Create a customer satisfaction survey for our online shopping mall customers," "I want to conduct a usability survey for customers who have tried our new hair loss prevention shampoo," "Create a job application form for a web designer position. Our company mainly creates mobile websites," etc. Simply make a request, and we'll create a survey or form that meets your needs.

The AI form creation feature is available for free. Try it now!

Create a stylish and pretty form.

A questionnaire with a boring design exhausts respondents. In Moaform, anyone can easily create a stylish and pretty form.

Collaboration with your team members.

Manage surveys with your team members. The owner of the survey can add team members as collaborators, and all team members can check and download the contents, settings, and result data of the survey.

Only the owner can edit and delete the survey. So, you can safely manage it, and ownership can be freely transferred to another team member at any time, so you can continue to manage surveys even if your team member changes.

With the collaboration feature, you can always be together even when you are apart.

Logic that can be used for complex psychological tests.

Moaform's logic is powerful and flexible, making it easy to create a psychology test or quiz without coding, as the example below.

From surveys to reward at once.

Appropriate rewards not only increase response rates, but also improve the quality of responses. Rewarding only some of the respondents can have a good effect.

The Moaform answer reward feature is available from surveys to purchase of mobile coupons (Starbucks coffee and mobile voucher), selection of winners, delivery, and history management.

Stop the hassle of conducting surveys separately, downloading phone numbers, accessing coupon sites, purchasing coupons, uploading phone numbers, and sending them.

Do it at once in Moaform.

Various Templates

You can create an expert-level survey by taking the templates for various topics provided by Moaform and slightly modifying them.
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Key features

Various features of Moaform.

Select the service suitable for you

You can use annual service to enjoy 2 months free of charge.


Basic features necessary to create forms, collect responses, and analyze results are free

Free for lifetime
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Unlimited number of responses
  • Create a form with AI
  • Over 20 types of questions
  • Embed my form in a web page
  • Insert image / video into questions and choices
  • Survey decoration
  • Assign score to choice type questions
  • Change button expression on form
  • Allow responding via PC, and mobile
  • Results by question, Results by respondent
  • Download response data as Excel, CSV files
  • Show / Hide logic
  • Jump to page logic
  • End survey logic
  • Form collaboration
  • 1 result filter
  • Survey starting and ending point
  • End survey by number of responses
  • Restrict multiple responses (Cookie, IP)
  • Restrict multiple responses with response code and private URL
  • New response notice (Every 24 hours)
  • Save and Continue answering
  • Survey distribution QR code
  • Survey social media distribution


You can use premium features such as
editing footer contents, unlimited result filters, etc.

$ 17.90 / 1Month / User ($ 0.60 / 1Day / User)
$ 179.00 / 1Year / User ($ 0.49 / 1Day / User)
  • Includes all BASIC service features
  • + Edit footer at bottom of form
  • + New response notice (Every 1, 6, 12 hours)
  • + Edit response URL
  • + Unlimited number of result filters


You can remove Moaform brand
and apply yours

$ 44.90 / 1Month / User ($ 1.50 / 1Day / User)
$ 449.00 / 1Year / User ($ 1.23 / 1Day / User)
  • Includes all PLUS service features
  • + File Upload question
  • + Bulk download attachments collected by File upload question
  • + Integrate your form with Google Analytics (GA4)
  • + Kiosk mode
  • + Removal of ad banners (up to 5,000 responses/month or 75,000 responses/year)
  • + User designation of exit page after responding
  • + New response notice (Every 5, 30 minutes)
  • + Removal of Moaform brand
  • + Usage of domain as survey URL
  • + Inserting addtional data into response URL
  • + Prioritized processing at customer support
Business Partnership

Please inquire us at any time if you need a large number of accounts or business partnerships.
If you are an educational institute manager interested in providing Moaform to students and faculties, let us know.

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