60. Service reorganization notice 2020.04.14 03:24:49

Service reorganization notice

Moaform service has been significantly reorganized. The contents and price of BASIC, PLUS, and PRO services have changed, so please check it out.

  1. Since the service contents and prices have been changed, auto renewal of all paid service users has been turned off. Users who want to use the auto renewal again, please turn on the auto renewal in Settings> Payment Information.
  2. Among the existing PLUS features, the changing button expression, Show / Hide logic, restricting multiple responses using response code and URL features have been changed to BASIC services. Instead, the editing footer and form collaboration features have been changed from PRO to PLUS, and an editing form URL feature has been newly added.
  3. The price of the new PLUS service has been changed to 17.9 USD per month and 179 USD per year.
  4. The Exit to web page logic feature is no longer available. In the future, it will be provided in a different way.
  5. When using the PRO service, the ad banner will be hidden for up to 5,000 monthly responses for the monthly membership and 75,000 annual responses for the annual membership. If these numbers are exceeded, the ad banner will be exposed again.

For full service and pricing, visit www.moaform.com/prices.

thank you.