139. New Feature Alert – Answer Data Encryption 2023.09.04 12:08:25

New Feature Alert – Answer Data Encryption

Now, for open-end question answers, you can encrypt and store the collected responses using AES-GCM 256-bit encryption.

Encrypting and storing data can ensure its security, but it can also make it inconvenient to use. Please be aware of this trade-off.

  • The 'Answer data encryption' can only be enabled or disabled when you first create a form. Once you click the 'Start' button on the Collect page and the form status changes to 'Pending', 'Collecting', or 'Closed', you can only enable or disable it for newly added questions.
  • Only during the use of PRO service can you view and download encrypted answers. If your service tier falls below PRO, you will not be able to view encrypted answers. You need to upgrade back to PRO service to be able to view them again.

For more details about answer data encryption, please read help article below.


Thank you.