97. [Must Read] Logic Change Notice 2022.03.03 02:04:30

[Must Read] Logic Change Notice

From March 14, 2022, the WHEN setting in Show/Hide logic will change. Please read the information below carefully.

[important!] The WHEN setting of Show/Hide logic will only be able to set to Auto, and the WHEN setting of all Show/Hide logic that was previously set to Manual will be changed to Auto. (The WHEN setting of Jump to logic and End survey logic will be remained without any change.)

If there is any form in which the WHEN setting of Show/Hide logic is set to Manual, it will be automatically changed to Auto on March 14th, so please change the settings so that the Show/Hide logic continues to work as intended.

Members who set the Show/Hide logic and did not change the WHEN setting to Manual on purpose do not need to worry about this change. (When setting the Show/Hide logic, the WHEN setting is set to Auto by default.)

thank you.