Hotel Satisfaction Survey
Hotel Satisfaction Survey

What is the purpose of your travel?

For sightseeing

For business

How did you first learn of ABC Hotel?

Review from newspaper, magazine or TV 

Advertisement from newspaper, magazine or TV 

Internet search

Accommodations search / review / reservation site

Blog or social media review

By chance, just passing by

Acquaintance or friend recommendation

Travel agency

Have you stayed  at ABC hotel before?

Yes, I stayed before

No, it is my first time

What is your gender?



Don't want to answer

What is your age group?







70s or above

Was the hotel's reservation process easy and convenient?

Was the hotel's check-in process easy and convenient?

Were the hotel's employees friendly?

Was the room you stayed in clean?

Was the room you stayed in well furnished with required articles?

How was the overall impression of the room you stayed in?

Were the hotel facilities clean? (Hotel facilities outside of your room)

How was the overall impression of the hotel?

How was the accommodation price?

How likely are you to recommend our hotel to a friend or colleague?

Do you intend to stay at ABC Hotel again?

I will definitely stay here again

I will stay here again if the opportunity arises

I am not sure

I don't think I will stay here again

I will never stay here again

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