Exhibition feedback (for organizer, by exhibitors)
Exhibition feedback (for organizer, by exhibitors)

How did you find out about our exhibition?



Internet advertisement

Newspaper / Magazine / TV advertisement


Acquaintance / Client / Other company recommendation or introduction

Direct search

Industry journal

What is your objective for participating the exhibition? Please select any that are applicable

New client discovery

New product advertisement

Company / Brand advertisement and image improvement

Existing product advertisement and promotion

Product or service consultation / Sale / Contract

Market trend identification and info collection


Did you participate our exhibition last year?



The overall exhibition participation application process and procedure were convenient

The exhibition center location was good with easy access

The exhibition center had good amenities

The exhibition center facilities were good overall

The exhibition participation cost was appropriate

The exhibition operated smoothly overall

The organizer provided the necessary services for participant 

I was able to obtain what I wanted at the exhibition

This exhibition was more satisfactory overall compared to the last year's exhibition

How likely are you to recommend our exhibition to close colleagues within your industry?

Do you intend to participate our next exhibition?

I will definitely participate

I will consider it positively

I am not sure yet

I don't think I will participate

I will definitely not participate

Please select in order of severity Select the 3 most important areas of improvement needed by our exhibition

Increase in the number of attendees

Expansion of amenities

Improvement of exhibition center infrastructure (electricity, internet, etc.)

Improvement of exhibition center access (location, transportation, etc.)

Lowered participation cost

Improvement of traffic placement for booths and facilities

Improvement of exhibition advertisement

Strengthening of the organizer's organization capability (holding events, employee friendliness, etc.)

Lastly, please feel free to leave any comments for the organizer